Fractional General Counsel & Speedy Redlines for B2B SaaS startups

Legal and Ops is a law firm for your corporate governance and contract negotiation needs. Our operations focus means we leverage sensible processes, modern tools and specialist providers wherever it makes sense--delivering price and time predictability, and optimizing your recurring legal jobs.

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Trusted by companies like

consistent legal execution & systems

Focused on B2B SaaS
Dedicated to exclusively supporting venture-track B2B SaaS means we don’t waste time on research or out-of-market terms.
Oriented to Operations
Our narrow focus means we can develop and iterate on operational playbooks that make repeating legal jobs more time-and cost optimized.
Delivered on Time
Leveraging tech and ops best practices means we bring you fixed pricing for repetitive legal tasks and turnaround time we'll put our money on.

Time & cost effective solutions

Corporate Governance
Contracts & Redlines
  • Terms of service
  • Cloud service/SaaS agreements
  • Master & professional service agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • Partnership agreements
Legal Operations
  • Implement tech and specialist playbooks for repeating tasks
  • Measure key sales cycle metrics to close deals faster
  • Leverage fractional deal desk to unblock exec time

What clients are saying

"Whenever we have a legal question of any kind, we message Tamir on Slack. Why? (1) He understand our company and legal history, so doesn't need context setting (2) produces clear recommendations (with trade-offs and backup) and (3) knows where to route specialized projects. He's been our one-man legal API who's also a pleasure to work with!"
CEO, CommandBar
"Legal and Ops is an indispensable partner for Office Hours for all things compliance, legal strategy, and product. Tamir’s experience as an operator and an attorney is exactly what we need when working through compliance and legal operations issues. As the CEO of an early stage startup, I view Tamir as a necessary compliment to our traditional legal firm services."
CEO, Office Hours
"Legal and Ops was absolutely instrumental to Legacy, guiding us from formation through YC and into our first major VC investment--all the nuts and bolts from governance to fundraising strategy"
CEO, Legacy

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