Predictable pricing and consistent delivery for early stage startups

A la carte legal services

3 day turnaround time


Choose from:

  • 30 minute consultation

Legal advice for topics including cap tables, governance, and people management

  • Contract Spike   new  

A live 30-minute meeting to talk through select key dynamics in any particular contract / redline, and make changes to low-hanging fruit, or scope specific areas to redline; a strategically limited alternative to traditional redlining. Not a complete contract review

  • Option/RSA grant from EIP

Requires one-time onboarding

  • Formation
  • Common stock grant
  • SAFE issuance
  • Employee & consultant docs   free self-service  
  • NDAs     free self-service  

Not included:  Non-standard / bespoke drafting; legal research; tax, privacy, regulatory & litigation advice.

On Request
  • Next Biz Day Turnaround
Upgrade from three business-day delivery to next business-day delivery of your work product: Charged at 2x regular pricing.
  • LegalOps Optimization
Shorten your contract negotiation cycle, take contract admin work off your executives’ plates, and build efficient legal systems for recurring tasks:  Start with a free audit.
  • Fixed Pricing for Redlines
Enjoy price predictability based on word count of underlying agreement (excludes redlined words): $0.16 / word on your form, or $0.23 / word on 3rd party form.
Everything Else
for attorney time
for paralegal time
If we're not the experts in it, we'll intro you to someone who is, free of charge.

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